move well,

then get as strong as necessary

and supplement as required.


“Move well” - Good movement should always come first, if you can’t move properly around a joint or through a movement pattern then simply moving more or adding more weight to that movement is going to provide limited benefit and risk injury.  This is why during your consultation we take you through a comprehensive movement assessment which we can then use you help improve the quality of your movement, leading not only to safer and more effective training but to better posture and improved function in day to day life.  You can find out more about the Functional Movement System we use by clicking here.


“Get as strong as necessary” – At Complete Fitness Studios we believe that Strength is a master quality.  Simply put, if you want to excel at anything physical, from fat loss to increased endurance, being strong will make your endeavour easier and you more successful.  On top of this, being stronger will make you more injury proof, it’s like building armour onto body.

We believe that the pursuit of strength should be a fundamental part of any human beings training regardless of their goals but that doesn’t mean that we train everyone the same.  Remember, we said ‘as strong as necessary’, a 90 year old person who simply want to be able to go to the toilet by themselves doesn’t need the same level of strength as a Rugby front row player but they both still need strength, the level of strength required by individuals will vary, the necessity for it does not.

We utilise the most effective tools to help you get stronger and achieve your goals, we primarily use Barbells, Kettlebells and Bodyweight exercises, though we also ‘play’ with things like Slam balls, Dumbbells, Prowlers, Tyres, Sledgehammers and Sandbags.

And just to make it clear (because we understandably get a lot of people concerned about putting on too much muscle mass), getting stronger is very different to getting bigger.  You will not get too muscular and bulky from our strength training.  Bodybuilding is the pursuit of size, strength training is the pursuit of capability.  To find out more about the StrongFirst qualifications our coaches hold, click here.


“Supplement as required” – This doesn’t refer to nutritional supplements but training supplements.  While we believe strength is the best physical foundation you can lay generally, depending on your specific goals it will obviously be necessary to supplement this with specific training suitable to that aim.  For example, if you want to run a 10K race then obviously your program will be supplemented with running training.  This is where our coaching knowledge and experience will be used to tailor your training to fit you perfectly.