We are currently filming and editing updated testimonial videos.

But in the meantime, here are a few written testimonials from our clients.



“I had irregularly visited gyms or done some form of activity for many years but never for a sustained period of time as I would easily get bored, I had also struggled with my weight.

At 43 I was very conscious not to let it go ‘too far’ and wanted to take control of a healthy lifestyle programme which I wanted to include stopping smoking, weight loss & regular, fun, exercise.

I got bored very easily with the same old gym routines and saw very little result which was very

With Ben the exercise programmes & sessions have been different, fun, tough but very rewarding.

Ben is inspirational – I train much harder & have seen better results from having PT sessions, he does not make you feel inferior or inadequate; he listens to your feedback and is immensely motivating without being condescending.  He also laughs at my gags and as yet, hasn’t minded my constant swearing – mainly at him!”




Amelia (24)

“The only training I had every really done was back in school during P.E. and I really did not enjoy it. I never really went to the gym and barely did any exercise. However I knew that my fitness levels were practically non existent and I’m sure my cardio health was poor.

Ben is really friendly and encouraging; he makes the workouts interesting and fun. And never makes me feel silly for not being able to do something.

He has managed to get me the results I wanted while making it enjoyable, which really does make all the difference!”





Pete (43)

“I had been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for around a year and found I wanted to improve my OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstrength and conditioning.  In addition to this my work involves a large amount of both time spent at a computer and a large amount of driving so I found my posture was deteriorating rapidly and with the onset of middle age it all seemed to be downhill!

Ben builds specific programs to meet my needs, there is no guess work and his attention to detail is second to none. He really focusses on exercise technique, which has removed all previous niggling injuries whilst producing physical progress I would have never achieved on my own.  Since starting my training I have lost two and a half stone.

Where I used to put off my own workouts now I can’t wait to see what he has lined up for my next session.

Ben offers a first class service that focuses on the needs of the individual and shows clearly defined results, I would recommend Ben to anyone. The results quite simply speak for themselves.”