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Hi Guys & Girls, Ben here. At Complete Fitness Studios we are great believers in our work speaking for itself.  That is to say, the benefit our coaching has on our clients lives.  When people feel the benefit of consistent, well structured exercise; when their body shape changes and they can do things they previously couldn’t, […]



The Men Who Made Us Fat

Hi Guys & Girls, Knowledge can change your life! When it come to health and fitness most people feel pretty confused by the topic of nutrition. What’s good to eat?  What should we avoid?  When should we eat it?  And how much? At Complete Fitness Studios we don’t do crash diets or follow nutrition fads.  We […]

Inspiration from Valentin Dikul

There is a good chance that you have never heard of Valentin Dikul but just a brief overview of his life story should impress upon you the importance of determination, will power and perseverance in your training. Born in Latvia in 1948 the young Dikul was captivated by strength training from a young age and […]



Losing fat & getting fit – Anne’s story

Hi Guys & Girls, Anne here. I had one of those moments this morning! It’s easy to lose sight of the progress that you’ve made and the difference that regular exercise and sensible nutrition can have on your life and our body.  I’m not saying this to blow my own trumpet but simply to share […]

Team Hoyt – Where does your strength come from?

This weekend I was reminded of an incredible story that I first came across a few years ago.  Its a fantastic reminder of the strength we can find from love. The Ironman Triathlon is a truly daunting race and for most endurance athlete’s completing it marks the pinnacle of their achievements.  For those who aren’t […]



Show of Strength

Hi Guys & Girls,   I was working in the studio this morning and saw something amazing. The client that I was working with has been training with me 2x a week for a few months, she is in mid-forties and had previously just done the odd bit of gym work and pilates. (You know […]

Women & Weights

Hi Guys & (especially) Girls,   First of all let me say that there are going to be some generalisations in this article, particularly about the way females exercise and some of their misconceptions about resistance / weight training.  I realise that not all women think or act this way. Sorry if it offends, that’s […]

Weight and BMI measurements don't tell the full story of body composition.


Welcome to Complete Fitness Studios

Hello there Guys & Girls, Good to see you have found our website. As well as providing the basic information about our training studio (Address, contact details, about us etc), we will also be updating this blog with great information, articles, opinions and news. So bookmark this tab, follow us on twitter, find us on […]