Iron Tribe Class


Tuesday @ 6.30am & 6.30pm

Thursday @ 6.30am & 7.00pm 

Drop in price: £13

Monthly Package: £80 (2 classes a week) - Save the price of a week’s worth of training per month!



Get strong, lean and fit

As with all of the training at CFS this class aims to teach and develop a base of strength by teaching and practising various lifts using barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises along with a few other select pieces of equipment.

Although strength comes first, it is not the only focus,

this class delivers better health, fitness, mobility and fat loss to the students attending it.

To ensure the quality of coaching is maintained places are limited to 6 people per class so if you are interested in joining please contact us first on 07843 059086 or email

No prior training experience is required

Before your first session we will go through a full consultation to see if it is prudent for you to participate, whether you have any injuries or medical conditions which need to be taken into account and how best our coaches can serve your particular needs while training.

Iron Tribe Class

Iron Tribe stretchingIron Tribe Barbell