Inspiration from Zorahgail Balino

Hi Guys & Girls,


Its Monday, winter is truly here and with all the craziness of Christmas and New Years approaching it would be easy to let training slide.  So here is a little inspirational story that I came across a while ago.

Zorahgail Balino got put through the mill by life and found herself out of shape and overweight.


So, she set out to make a change, in the video linked below she describes how she started out by just walking 2 miles.  It was tough, really tough to walk those 2 miles but she stuck with it and eventually that walking became running and then other ‘crazy’ exercises like Burpees, skipping and pull ups.

She took it one step at a time and crucially she stayed consistent, the results then took care of themselves!

The video is an audition for a TV show called ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and in it she gives some background on the trials that she had been through and how she decided to make a change.  Its well worth a watch but if you are short onzorapowerlifting1 time then just skip to the 5 minute mark and watch from there as she describes how she started to exercise.

There are a lot of conflicting messages in the fitness industry but without doubt, no matter what style of training you decide to do the most important thing is to stay consistent.  Some workouts might feel pretty small and insignificant but they all add up to some amazing changes.  If you are feeling low on motivation then take some Inspiration from Zorahgail Balino and see what consistency can do.

Train hard, live happy