Getting Started

How to get started and what will happen from there…


The first step is to pick up the phone and give us a call on 07843 059 086

It may be that we are working with students and can’t answer the phone at that time, if this is the case just leave a voicemail message saying who you are and that you are interested in finding out more about training at CFS, make sure to leave a suitable number for us to contact you back on.

Next we will book you in for a free consultation at the studio where you can meet your coach, see the premises and ask any relevant questions you might have.

The consultation is also where you can tell your coach what your training goals are, why you want to achieve them and when by.  Your coach will also need to know about your training history, any previous injuries and any health conditions which may affect your training.

This is all done in a private one to one setting.

A few simple health checks will also be done such as blood pressure and grip strength.

Finally your coach will take you through the Function Movement Screen (FMS) which is a series of 7 movement patterns which will help your coach assess your current movement capability and pin point where they might best be able to get you moving and performing better.  If you’d like to know more about the FMS you can visit

It is best to wear training clothing which will allow you to move freely and also enable your coach to see your knees. Please wear the shoes that you would usually train in.


The whole consultation usually takes 45-60 minutes (including the FMS)

At the end your coach will ask when you’d like to get started with your training (bring your diary) and then they will prepare your custom training plan ready for your session.