Enjoy the journey

Hi Guys & Girls,



What’s more important;

The Destination? Or the Journey?


It’s a question that’s worth a thought.

And for what it’s worth here are mine in relation to training.


Both are important but few people seem to give them equal attention.

Your goal is your destination. That might be fat loss, fitness, general health, strength or dominating at your chosen sport.

When it comes to training, our society seems to be obsessed only with the result, the destination.  Everyone wants the shortest and easiest possible route to a cover model figure.  Everyone is looking for a magic pill that will give them all the results with none of the effort.

And there are hundreds of companies out there willing to sell them lies, making a profit off people’s desire to skip straight to the destination.

Well let me tell you this now. It doesn’t exist, there is no magic pill!

And that is A GREAT THING!


It’s a great thing because the journey is far more important and rewarding than most people realise, especially when it comes to training.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes training can suck.  You might have to get up early, go out in the rain, you’ll be tired and sore.  Not every session is going to be a walk in the park but those who stick with it will be rewarded.

And again, I don’t just mean rewarded by reaching their destination but by having been through the journey.


I’ve been training for years but recently, when preparing for my SFG certification, I went through 5 months of very tough and focused training.  There were times when I just didn’t want to move let alone push myself through another kettlebell complex but when I passed my testing on the third day of the cert I was a little sad that this particular journey had ended.  It had given me so much.

Each one of those tough sessions showed me what I was capable of, building a confidence that reached out beyond the studio and my ability to swing a weight.


When I train people I try to help them to enjoy the journey.  We will always strive to reach their goals and when we do, we will most likely set new ones, but I don’t want them to get so blinkered to the destination that they miss the beauty and the fun to be had on the way.


Swinging a kettlebell, even if it had no IMG_0107long term benefits (it has loads btw) will make you feel pretty awesome.  Its a big lump of iron and you have put time and effort into learning how to master it, how to send it flying through the air in a way that you control.

Hitting pads will get you fitter and more agile but its also fun at the time and a great stress revealer!

Running can be tough to start but its incredibly freeing! There are thousands of people around the world who would give anything just to be able to carry themselves on their own legs.


Don’t be one of those people that approaches their daily tasks like a hamster in a wheel.  Head down, plodding through it.  Enjoy how your body can move, take pleasure in the simple acts of lifting, pulling, pushing, swinging, jumping and getting a good sweat on!

Most of my clients came to me with very specific goals but along the way many of them have learnt things about themselves and grown in ways that can only happen when you push yourself hard and strive through.

….we also have a bit of a laugh!

So my friends, ENJOY THE JOURNEY


Train hard, live happy