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IMG_9200At Complete Fitness Studios we offer tailored training services for all shapes, sizes, ages & abilities.

We are not your usual gym, there are no rows of treadmills or fixed weight machines.

We only use the equipment which we know is effective at getting people strong, fit & lean.

You won’t waste hours in here pounding away on a machine, every second of your time will be focused on achieving your goals and having fun.



Ben BradburyBen Bradbury

Ben has been training individuals and groups for several years, working with people across a wide range of ages and abilities.

He truly believes in, and has seen, the restorative and empowering effect that physical training on people’s lives.

When you train with Ben you can expect to use plenty of bodyweight exercises, Kettlebells, TRX and the occasional Barbell.  He isn’t a big fan of machines, he likes to use fundamental human movements and simple but effective training tools instead.

He enjoys pushing, pulling, lifting, throwing, swinging, squatting, running, jumping & climbing.  It makes him feel good and he’s pretty sure you’ll enjoy it too!

Ben aims to make training fun, engaging and empowering for everyone that trains with him.  At the same time he is working hard to ensure that you are hitting every step you need to in achieving your goals.

In his spare time Ben is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and general adventure seeker.

He has written for, and appeared in Men’s Fitness Magazine.


  • Certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor (SFG 1), qualifying under Dan John, Mark Toomey and Fabio Zonin.
  • Certified StrongFirst Barbell Instructor (SFL) under Dr Michael Hartle
  • FMS Level 1 & Level 2 Certified (Functional Movement Screen)
  • Olympic Weightlifting Instructor under Greenwood weightlifting
  • Official TRX Instructor from Fitness Anywhere
  • Premier Diploma in Advanced Personal Training (REPS level 3)

StrongFirst Certified Instructor


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