Tracking your progress, achieving your goals

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post about setting training goals, knowing what you want to achieve and articulating that clearly with your coach.   So now you have a destination locked in, how do you know you are moving closer to it or not? A lot like when out hiking or […]


Me with Master SFG Jason Marshall and my fellow SFG Assistants Colin & David

Sharpening the Saw

If you’ve ever read the fantastic book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey then this phrase will be familiar to you.  If you haven’t read the book…go and read this book, even if you only take a single point from it, it’ll improve your life. Anyway, one point that Mr. Covey […]

Where are you heading? Goals.

    The first thing that I do with each new student is to sit down with them and ask what they want to achieve.  What’s the goal?   As a coach I know of hundreds of exercises, routines and training plans. They all work.  But they will take you to completely different places. There […]

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Expanding your limits by staying within them

I recently achieved something I’m rather proud of, a 2x bodyweight Deadlift. It had taken me about 6 months of specific training to achieve this goal of pulling twice the weight of my own body off the ground, but what did that training look like?  Surely it was sweat riddled and involved delving deep into […]

Paint, Obstacles and Team work

We did it!   Lead by Ben a group of the CFS students joined together to form a kick ass team and took on the Obstacle Colour Rush in Ascot.  5km of Obstacles, coloured powder and lots of fun. Its great to see CFS students of all different abilities come together and enjoy the strength […]

Team CFS

Iron Therapy

The Psychological benefits of strength

Strength training has huge benefits for mental health and confidence. I really believe in this, mainly because I have experienced it myself and have seen it change the lives of people that I’ve worked with. Taking as read all the information out there regarding the positive hormonal effect that exercising has on the brain and […]


Hi fitness fans,   We are very excited to share the news that we are holding our amazing open day on Saturday 17th January! You can choose to attend either the Morning (9am-12.30pm) or Afternoon (1pm-4.30pm), either is the perfect way to experience all that we offer at CFS and get your new year off to […]

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CFS 1st Birthday!

Hi Guys & Girls, What a fantastic day! It’s Complete Fitness Studios 1st Birthday! When Anne and I signed the lease for the studio a year ago I don’t think either of us would have been able to imagine what a fantastic journey lay ahead of us! …and we are only just a year into […]

Inspiration from Zorahgail Balino

Hi Guys & Girls, Its Monday, winter is truly here and with all the craziness of Christmas and New Years approaching it would be easy to let training slide.  So here is a little inspirational story that I came across a while ago. Zorahgail Balino got put through the mill by life and found herself out […]



Enjoy the journey

Hi Guys & Girls,   What’s more important; The Destination? Or the Journey?   It’s a question that’s worth a thought. And for what it’s worth here are mine in relation to training.   Both are important but few people seem to give them equal attention. Your goal is your destination. That might be fat loss, fitness, […]